Susan Laughton

The landscape is my starting point, not as a picturesque view, but as a space travelled through and experienced often on the edges of the urban and the rural. It is a source of man made and natural structures, surfaces and colours from which I construct my own pared down responses. Man made structures in particular impose their presence against the sky: telegraph poles, fences, power lines or an isolated building…structures that create tension within space and mark the passage of time. My approach is reductive: removing superfluous elements, concentrating on the physicality of edges and boundaries often in contrast to the veiled, shifting white light of the north.

I make drawings of remembered details seen from the corner of my eye, fleeting juxtapositions elusive to photography or more studied compositions. My paintings contrast intentional marks with random scratches, washes of paint with fine layers of plaster, gesso or card. Focussing on process and materials is important to me as a way of allowing the painting to emerge as an object in its own right. Structured and methodical approaches combined with spontaneous and intuitive reactions allow me to plan and take risks: to combine control with ‘let‘s see what happens if…’
I worked in architecture for twelve years before returning to college to study art. I was a founding member of Valley Artists in Rossendale and worked there for 6 years before moving to Electric Picture House Artists Co-operative in Congleton, Cheshire. My work is held in private collections in Britain and Switzerland.

Still morning £1595


 Dock Leaf £250

 Fern £280 SOLD

 Tall grass £280

 seedhead £280 SOLD

 Heading home £220

 Still here XI £380

 Meadowsweet £480

 Journey Signs £650