Sam Lock

Sam Lock trained at Edinburgh University and Art College, graduating with an MA Fine Art Painting and MA History of Art in 1997.

Sam is an energetic painter and his paintings are physically driven, accumulations of materials and decisions; artefacts of thinking and doing, an attempt to locate poetry in the relationships, combinations and interactions built up between colour, texture, shape, structure. He tries to find a harmony and a conclusion, where each painting creates a sense of intrigue that tangles and holds the viewer in engaging with the work. The paintings have a highly physical presence that reflect a robust approach; each surface is scored, scratched, scorched, stained, sanded, sealed. His work aims to explore, express and animate the painted space – moving between freedom and expanse and the constricted and dense – like forest and sky.

Originally from London, Sam lived in Canada, trained at Edinburgh and now lives by the coast in Brighton. His studio is part of the Red Herring Co-operative in West Hove