Rhed Fawell

“ I use collage, drawing and finally screen printing to explore the deconstruction of images and a process of reassemblage to create a poetical narrative. I take inspiration from nature and from the human form, focusing on human fragility.”

The pictures create their own stories, as she works on them they take on a life of their own, forming narratives that are completed in the viewer’s imagination. What the viewer reads into each image is as important as what was in her head as she constructed them, they can be interpreted in different ways depending on who is looking at them. So what seems difficult to one person can appear beautiful to another, what is innocent in the eyes of one viewer can appear provocative to another.

There are personal stories behind some of the pictures but each should then become personal to the viewer, the original narrative does not need to be specifically understood. However the repeated use of bird images comes from her fascination with birds as creatures that travel between two planes, earth and sky.


Foundation: Chelsea School of Art 1996
BA Hons (Fine Art 1997) Middlesex University/Cooper Union NY.
Edition Design: Channel 4 web site designer
Lecturer at Maidstone Art and Design: 2000 – 2003
Senior Lecturer at Middlesex University: 2003 -Present



‘Frankie’s first flight’ limited edition screen print (framed) £275



 Motherlands limited edition screen print (Framed) £275

 Perch limited edition screen print (Framed) £275

Cross my heart limited edition screen print (unframed ) £245