Nathan Gallagher

Nathan Gallagher is a London based photographer. Operating out of his small studio in Shoreditch, his commercial works exist in the world of advertising and promotion, but his personal works reflect his continuing and free-flowing journey though his private fascinations and only exists on peoples walls.

Thames Periphery 1-6

Even when I was very young I was attracted to London. It’s deluge on the senses and the feeling that whatever was happening there actually mattered.

Having lived here over 15 years now, my fascination hasn’t faded. It has however shifted slightly, and this collection of images focuses on one aspect of that interest:┬áLondon, like any city, breathes with growth. Edging ever outwards it creeps and spurts.┬áThe Thames has always been London’s lifeblood, from Roman times until now it has been used to ship goods which aren’t produced locally, from jewellery back then to oil products now it feeds the growth of the metropolis.

What interests me is the edge of this development. The point where industry ends and scenic beauty begins, the calm waters of the estuary and it’s surrounding painterly landscapes intruded by distant signs of heavy industry or torn through by silent yet gargantuan container ships.