Juliette Paull

The images I make explore spatial ideas in relation to specific places. Meaning in my work is situated in the different forms of visual language. I try to depict ideas by association rather than direct description from the external world. The subject matter I choose is often rooted in nature and geology. I study areas of the coast, most recently the cliffs around
Porthleven. And as a result of this I’ve named the series ‘Coastal Cartography’ I attempt to break down these forms by unfolding various planes two dimensionally. Images are made up of dynamic elements like tone, line, rhythm, and shape. Each individual work in the series explains a different set of structural and spatial relationships and together they form a dialogue.
Working on paper is important to me because of its fragility, and the quality of complex surfaces I can achieve by layering and reworking.

Cartography5- Juliette Paull

Cartography4 - Juliette Paull

Cartography3 - Juliette Paull

Cartography2 - Juliette Paull

Cartography1 - Juliette Paull