Jill Hudson

I returned to England with a rucksac and went on to study Fine Art at Falmouth College of Arts, Cornwall. Since graduating in 2001 I have stayed in Cornwall, I now live on a boat, an old harbour launch which I am restoring. My studio is there, in the wheelhouse, where I have a view of the river.
During my degree I studied for three months at the Accademia di Belli Arti, Venice.
Since then, I have been further afield to travel in parts of South America taking my paints, then in 2005 I worked as Expedition Artist with Raleigh International in Chile.
As an artist I am interested in depicting the beauty of the inconsequential moment- a shaft of light across the floor, a shadow through the trees. I want to capture the essence of an image which otherwise might be overlooked. My art is about the landscape of life in all its forms – it’s fleetingness, it’s poetry, it’s loneliness, and it’s reality.

Thewhitedress - Jill Hudson

The Spare Room - Jill Hudson

Sunday Afternoon - Jill Hudson

Mexico Orange-grove - Jill Hudson

jill - Jill Hudson

Interior---Dust-motes - Jill Hudson

Garden-in-the-city - Jill hudson

A meeting in the woods - Jill Hudson