Caroline Underwood

My landscape-inspired artworks represent time spent being in nature, rather than places depicted as observed from fixed viewpoints. Landmarks are abstracted, to allow space for each viewer to read into the work their own personal experiences and memories of places and times. The work often develops in series, representing the way we often experience our environment – not standing still, but moving through it. I am fascinated by fractals, and the apparently random but in fact systematic structures found in nature – I often use number systems or geometric forms in the composition of my work, in an attempt to convey this sense of ordered chaos. In my studio practice, drawing, painting, and printmaking techniques are combined, and the mark making and decision making process is an instinctive response to the natural tendencies of materials. The outcomes are as much about the material surface as they are a response to my experiences of natural environments.

DuskFlight1 - Caroline Underwood

DuskFlight4 - Caroline Underwood

DuskFlight5 - Caroline Underwood