Anne Davies

Anne was born in Lancashire in 1966 and grew up in the Derbyshire Peak District. On completion of a Fine Art Degree at Newcastle University she embarked upon several projects creating art work with adults and children with special needs. Since she moved to London in 1995 Anne has focused on making and exhibiting her own work.

Anne’s paintings seldom record a specific scene; she seeks to capture a memory and sense of place. Much of the work is inspired by coastal landscape particularly the Cornish coast. Inspiration is also drawn from the landscape of the North West of England and the car journeys through old mill towns and Lancashire villages that she took as a child. These places, with their mixture of architecture nestling in dramatic rural settings are often recalled in her landscape work as is the scenery of the Peak District where she was raised. In spite of the allusion to harbour and landscape scenes there is a strong abstract element to the work. They may begin as depictions of a place but during the painting process they take on a life of their own – houses and shapes are painted over but the imprint remains visible, creating an archaeology beneath the painted surface. Colour is an important element – fine layers of acrylic are built up and stripped away creating delicate colour passages and textures reminiscent of stone and ceramic.

Village   5 x 8 inches  £250

Stack    3 1/2 x 3 1/4 inches   £130

 Curly   4 x 7 inches   £200

 Bracken cove £380

 Cottages £230

 Divided land £290