Alice Sheppard Fidler

Following a degree in textile design and a sucessful period painting and designing textiles for both fashion and interiors, Alice set up her freelance business designing interiors with an emphasis on the painted surface, incorporating murals and paint effects into her work. In time, this lead on to art direction, with Alice designing sets for chidren’s television, comercials and magazines. Recently she has returned to painting in its simplest form.
Her current work, small oil paintings on wood, draws inspiration from her allotment where she finds working the soil a welcome contrast to the hectic pace of the commercial design world.
Alice’s work is a meditation. The still-lives she create are about the quiet, bringing together of different elements, “objects with their simple forms and silent presence meet the more dynamic organic shapes of living plants and food.” Her paintings are about the way these different elements work together and their position on the painting plain.

“I aim to capture a moment, but at the same time I am observing and documenting a year from the allotment through the seasons.”

Below is a selection of work available by Alice, please contact the gallery for further details on each piece.